How to Handle a Ransomware Attack ​

Leave the infected machine the way it is – Don’t turn off the computer nor delete the encrypted files.

Unplug the infected machine from the local network by removing the ethernet cable or disabling Wi-Fi.

Call Lazer IT Consultants ransomware removal service for immediate assistance and response.

Contacting authorities is important and our experts can help navigate this step.

Preserve any evidence of the attack – don’t delete any files and document the first indicators of compromise (IOC).

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Next Generation End Point Protection

The only solution for the threats of today AND tomorrow.

Cyber-security must be a top priority for every business.  Unfortunately, modern cyber criminals are more savvy than ever.  Traditional anti-virus software can’t protect you from today’s viruses, phishing schemes, malware, and ransomware attacks.

You cannot afford to use yesterday’s technology to protect you from today’s threats.

Lazer IT Consultants can help you select Advanced Threat Protection that will:

  • Protect your network from all threats, known and UNKNOWN
  • Determine which files and add-ins are harmful, based on behavioral analysis
  • Prevent malicious software from infiltrating your network
  • Automatically shield all computers in your network if another computer is infected• Detect and undo system changes made by malicious software
  • Provide real-time analysis and forensic investigation

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We’ll visit your office and:

  • Evaluate your current anti-virus software
  • Test your defenses against today’s sophisticated threats
  • Discuss your individual risk tolerance for downtime due to a virus attack
  • Analyze your vulnerability to ransomware